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Massage for your Busy Life


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Mehta Face Massage & Facial Renewal
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Basalt Stone Massage
15 Minute Chair Massage
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Swedish Massage
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Eastern Methods
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Deep Friction Work
Electroceuticals & Microcirculation

About Soul of the Earth Massage

At Soul of the Earth Massage, I believe in tending our bodies like gardens. Sometimes, we have to dig out knots, rehydrate our skin, and fluff up the soil. Just like everything in our life needs care, from our garden, our kids, our partners, we need not let any of this deplete us and we must nourish ourselves so we can be full of life. 

Because life is busy, Donna offers a wide range of services from 15-minute pop-in massages to the possibility of designing a whole afternoon of rejuvenation and self-care. 

No matter what you have going on, here at Soul of the Earth Massage, there is always time and space for YOU. 

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"Our body is an awe-inspiring mechanism that within its powerful will has the ability to self-heal.

I believe it begins at the heart of massage."
Donna Gullotto
Oriental Pond


Very relaxing atmosphere with low music playing. A heated massage bed to warm you and a great masseuse to massage ones aching bones  I have gone to Donna for about 8 years now. She is FANTASTIC!

Diane Fedrizzi



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Mehta Face Massage & Facial Renewal

A deeply surrendering cranial and natural facelift massage technique. This increases blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients, and tones facial muscles.

It will create a rejuvenated healthy appearance.​

Through a series of 6 sessions, these wonderful benefits will help create a noticeably youthful glow and enhanced version of you!

90 Minute            $125

(25% off first visit)

Special package offer available 

Image by Rui Xu

Get in Touch

Located at the front entrance of: Stirpe Chiropractic Wellness Center

1628 W Genesee St,
Syracuse, New York 13204

315.784.1709 /

Hours of Availability

​Mondays      10am - 6pm

Tuesday         On Call      

Wednesdays 10am - 3pm

Fridays         10am - 6pm

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