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Treatments & Values

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Mehta Face Massage & Facial Renewal

This cranial technique helps to increase blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to facial muscles. It creates a rejuvenated healthy glow also

toning muscles.

Over a series of 6 sessions, these wonderful benefits will help to create a youthful and enhanced version of you!

90 Minute    $125

(25% off first visit)

Special package offer available

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Swedish Massage

Stimulating circulation, provides relief along the joints, and helps the body feel renewed. Swedish Massage includes pregnancy, sports, and chair massage with varied degrees of applied pressure.

30 Minute            $35

60 Minute            $70
  90 Minute            $110

Out of the traditional Indian practice of Ayurveda, the science of life philosophy is birthed this soothing

style of massage. 

This technique applies warm oil to the body and follows a rhythm moving from shoulders to feet. This smooth ebb and flow, aids the lymphatic system and

tonifies the body.

30 Minute            $35

60 Minute            $70
  90 Minute            $110

Abhyanga Massage
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Deep Friction Work

Connective Tissue work is excellent to modify one’s structural shape. It helps in reducing pain, increases natural range of motion, and leads in improved mobility.


60 Minute             $75

add Therapeutic percussion gun



To know this work is to understand three components: bones of the body, muscular system which make the bones move, and the fascia which binds them together. 

When muscles are carefully manipulated through the range of their natural movement, with resistance in physical pressure, and stretching suspension through gravity, it can yield lasting effects. 

60 Minute             $90

 Add Myofascial to your Deep Friction Massage

15 Minute             $25

Basalt Stone Massage

Benefits those that experience limited movements.

Applied heated stones leads to deeper relaxation and encourage detoxification in the body. 

90 Minute             $130

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Eastern Methods


Reflexology of the head, hands, and feet, connects specific points in these areas to systems of the body. 

60 Minute            $65


Shiatsu is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is palm massage and stretching along the body’s energy meridians.

60 Minute            $65


Our life memories and its experiences are stored in the cells. When nerves are properly stimulated with feather-like touch, movement is channeled in the central nervous system. The Piezoelectric Effect is a phenomenon, where then the application of the therapist's touch is interpreted by the body as an electrical signal. Through the process the body can let go of restrictions. 

60 Minute            $75

Tune into Rei-key

Energy is not an idea which exists 'out there', rather it rests closer than most may imagine. Allow for varying methods of tones and vibrations to achieve a deeper level of innate calm, through the use of tuning forks, Chi holds, and warm stone application. Practice of traditional Reiki as instructed by Master Usui is applied to achieve balance. 

60 Minute            $65

Chinese Cupping

Suction area, along muscle groups, is prohibited circulation flow through it for a short time, only to be flooded with a surge of blood, nutrient, and oxygen flow once the silicone cup is removed. The sensation is not usual as it feels like the muscles are being pulled from the skin, it does not last long as the treatment runs up to 30 minutes. The results leave a mark on the soft tissue of the body which begins to heal within 24 hours.


30 Minute            $50

15 Minute            $25


Electroceuticals & Microcirculation

Inlight Wellness Therapy

This noninvasive and effective treatment “pulses” light into the body. Stimulates circulation, collagen production, and lymphatic flow and supports the healing of acute injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, limited range of motion, and scar tissue reduction.


20 Minute             $35

(3) sessions         $75

Bemer PEMF

General well-being with vibrant energy, restful sleep, and a strong immune constitution, is possible with the regular use of Bemer technology.

This micro circulation unit is a direct current of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) 50 microtesla and is designed to propel the cell bodies, to perform at an optimal level. 

 20 minute              $20

 (5) sessions          $80

15 Minute Chair Massage

Are you unfamiliar with massage? 

A gentle way to get a “feel for it” is to experience a chair massage. 

Consider hiring me for chair massage for events like health fairs, fundraisers, athletic races, and other occasions. 

15 Minute            $20


To book an appointment with Donna,

please call or email:

315.784.1709 /

Pay for your massage with Donna here:

MY Massage Studio

Located at the front entrance of:

Stirpe Chiropractic Wellness Center 

1628 W. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13204 

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